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Home Page - ASICSoft developed a multi-tiered business model with three distinct and integrated business units: Turn-key Engineering, On-site Consultants, and Product Marketing & Distribution.

About ASICSoft - ASICSoft is an engineering services and product marketing company.  Our mission is “Designs on Time”.  We partner with technical leaders in various aspects of their designs in order to assist them hit their design milestones on time.

Careers with ASICSoft - ASICSoft is consistently seeking to hire employees and contractors for each of our three business units:  On-site Consultants, Turn-key Design, and Product Marketing.  

Case Studies - Network Applicance Company - Large Server Appliance Manufacturer case study.

Case Studies - Semiconductor Company - Semiconductor Company case study.

Case Studies - Consumer Electronics - Consumer Electronics Company case study.

Case Studies - Fabless Semiconductor Startup - Fabless Semiconductor Startu-up (Turn-key Project) case study.

Case Studies - Networking Systems Company - Networking Systems Company (Turn-key Project) case study.

Case Studies - Multicore Processing Company - Multi-core Processor Company (Turn-key Project) case study.

Contact ASICSoft - Contact ASICSoft for Engineering Services, Product Marketing, and On-site Consulting services for the entire United States with an intense focus in the Silicon Valley.

Expertise - ASICSoft’s consultants are specialists in many tools and technologies.  The engineering world has an uncountable number of tools and technologies which are implemented every day.

News and Events - Current news and events of ASICSoft.

Products - Aldec: EDA Software - Aldec®, Inc. is an industry-leading EDA verification company. Aldec provides (CAE) solutions, semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and engineering services for ASIC and FPGA design engineers worldwide.

Products - MLT: Verification Management - Missing Link Tool's flagship design management solution for hardware design and verification teams.

Products - Atria: Silicon & SW IP - Atria Logic is a leading provider of HW/SW intellectual property (IP) products and services for multimedia processing and system-on-chip designs.

Products - MLE: Rapid Prototyping & ESL - The Missing Link Electronics 1000 series rapid prototyping system (RPS) gives you an early copy of the target hardware running your target software.

Products - Overview - Description.

Products - Zuken: CAD Software - CADSTAR, Zuken’s powerful and easy-to-use, excellent price/performance solution for PC-based PCB design, allows an intuitive and complete design flow for EDA engineers and designers alike, from the initial schematics and then PCB design to manufacturing output.

Services - On-site Consultants - At times, customers need on-site consultants to augment its technical teams for various reasons.  When those needs arise ASICSoft is here to support you by providing exceptionally qualified consultants at a moment’s notice. 

Services - Product Marketing - ASICSoft launched its Product Marketing business unit in 2009.  Our goal is to continually seek very high-quality and unique products we can introduce to the technical leaders we are already working with through our two services business units. 

Services - Turn-key Design - When you need a complete team or you have a clearly defined project which can be partitioned on a fixed-price basis, then it’s time to call ASICSoft’s turn-key business unit.




ASICSoft Engineering Services, Product Marketing, and On-site Consultants serves the entire United States with an intense focus in the Silicon Valley:
South Bay: San Jose, Santa Clara, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Campbell, Milpitas, etc.
Peninsula: Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, San Mateo, Redwood City, etc.
East Bay: Fremont, Newark, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, Oakland, Berkely, Hayward, Livermore, etc.
San Francisco and North Bay: Petaluma, Sausalito, San Rafael, etc.