Project History

ASICSoft is here to support you by providing exceptionally qualified candidates at a moment’s notice. Here is a short list of some of the candidates we’ve placed.


Software Engineering

  • Linux Kernel platform development with heavy Layer 2 / Layer 3 network protocols.
  • Embedded Linux developer for complex network storage cards using iSCSI, FCoE, GbE.
  • Embedded Linux & firmware development working closely with the ASIC team to perform bring-up, drivers, and BSP for 802.11 wireless router.
  • Embedded systems engineer with extensive background in storage (SSD, iNAND, etc) to perform firmware validation.
  • Linux Kernel development with OS virtualization and OS switching for mobile devices targeting ARM TrustZone.
  • Android SW development (embedded) for support software toolkit for mobile chipsets.
  • Embedded Systems C++/Java Middleware development for DigitalTV Set-top Box.
  • Embedded Linux development and high-level architecture review of 802.11 and WiMax technology embedded into an automotive Navigation and GPS system.
  • Embedded & Firmware Development for DigitalTV Set-top Box with heavy Audio/Video streaming with MPEG.
  • DSP Consultant for TI DSP development for AAC+V2 and multimedia signal processing.
  • Linux / Windows SQA consultant to perform black & white box testing for web based network thin client system with protocols such as HTTP, TCP/IP, RTP.
  • Windows Device Driver Consultant to develop NDIS 6.0 WLAN 802.11 device drivers for ASICs.
  • Embedded Linux consultant to develop low systems level software for virtualization server product. Device Driver, uBOOT, Bring-up, and other firmware development.
  • DSP Consultant for TI TMS320 DSP development for line-of-site laser based wireless communications device.
  • Windows Software Consultant for Windows API C++ development with heavy Socket Programming to port from Linux to Windows OS.
  • Control Systems software for semiconductor capital equipment. WindowsXP / Windows CE, C#, .Net, UML EtherCat.
  • Embedded Linux and Linux Kernel development for TCP Off-load Engine (TOE) software for a Gigabit Ethernet Adapter card.
  • Embedded Systems / Firmware Diagnostics Software and Bring-up for video flip camera device.
  • More than 10 Network Software QA Engineers for various testing projects with protocols on Layer2/3/4 in a QA automation and scripting environment.
  • Software development for network and content security products. Heavy use of Statistical Modeling with (R, RapidMiner, Adaptive Neural Network, etc.) and languages (C/C++/Python/TCL).
  • Windows Software development with Windows C#/.Net application level development for the hardware instrumentation and control systems software of a biomedical DNA analysis device.
  • Windows Software development of an application for fingerprint scanning using C# and .Net technologies.
  • Embedded Systems engineering to perform design and test engineering on a communications systems system where one systems is running PowerPC on VxWorks and the other systems is running x86 on Linux.
  • Windows Kernel & Device Driver development to port and develop new drivers and kernel software from Linux and other UNIX OS's to Windows for Network Processor chip-sets.
  • Embedded Systems engineer to develop multimedia software for consumer electronic device. Extensive focus on Audio/Video CODEC software such as MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Embedded Systems Controls consultant to develop C/C++ in a dual platform Linux & VxWorks system for scientific equipment. Use of Vacuum Pumps, gas systems, motors, etc.
  • Embedded systems consultant working in a cross platform (Linux and VxWorks) environment to develop networked industrial-like motion control systems software using EPICS.
  • Embedded/Firmware low-level software bring-up of PowerPC405 hardware for complex network/telecom equipment.
  • Embedded Systems Consultant for Embedded Linux network software development for device drivers and TCP/UDP, SNMP, and application layer protocols for Telco equipment.
  • Embedded Systems Consultant to develop software under VxWorks for semiconductor capital lithography equipment. Heavy use of motion control stepper motor development.
  • Firmware Consultant for Embedded Systems and firmware development to develop multiple device drivers (I2C, Ethernet, PCI, UART, SDIO, etc) for custom ARM SoC ASIC targeting a Point of Sale (POS) chipset.







Consumer Electronics